These two 300+ page hardcover books are the only ones dedicated to the akua'mma, one of African famous icons.

All books are numbered individually.

They contain detailed description of the different types available. All known akua'mma from before 1930 are included, and photographed in detail and mostly from four angles.

In the back is a separate booklet with all these akua'mma shown in the front view, whereas in the last part of the book itself they are portrayted from 4 sides (if available).

Beside just for pleasure, the volumes are perfect for an in depth study. Many questions are highlighted from different perspective, the authors do not always agree with each other and learn you to make up your own mind..


The books are lauched during the Parcours des Mondes 2021 and 2023 with Tribal Art Magazine.


A single book is priced €80,-, for the two together only €140,- is asked. (shipping costs excluded)

Please contact me if needed..

Ron van Doorn;